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Kedron, an inner northern suburb of Brisbane, took its name from Kedron Brook, a stream that flows through the area and into Moreton Bay. German missionaries had named Kedron Brook in 1838. In 1856 surveyor James Warner had been instructed to survey and mark out plans for small farms along Kedron Brook.

On the 26 August 1924, the government purchased land between Ninth and Tenth Avenues for the siting of a Kedron school but a house was being built on the land and the owner had to be paid $100 compensation to cease building and hand the land over to the government. It took until 3 July 1925 before approval for the erection of the school was obtained. It was built by the government Works Department for a cost of $9670.

In July 1926, James Lennon was made headmaster of the school but pupils did not arrive until the school was ready on 1 October when 171 children arrived to enrol. Promptly the next day at 3.00 pm the school was officially opened and on the following Monday, 4 October 1926, lessons really began with 216 pupils enrolled. Four teachers were appointed to the school to teach the children.

The present enrolment is approximately 420 students allowing us to provide a supportive school environment in which students can learn and thrive. The school numbers have grown to the point that we have become enrolment managed.  A catchment map is available indicating the streets in the Kedron area that fall within our catchment. The increase in our enrolment is indicative of the strong satisfaction in the community with the students' academic performance and innovative programs offered by the school.

Information taken by kind permission from David Teague's book "The History of Kedron" by D.R.Teague. Colonial Press, 1976.(16 Mar,1996)