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Teaching and learning

Literacy is the key focus for our early years classes - prep to year 3 and is supported by a range of reading initiatives: oral language - Foundation Q, phonemic awareness - Jolly Phonics for prep and year 1, the teaching of a range of strategies that help them decode and make meaning from the text.

Reading in our year 3 to 6 students' classrooms involves students engaging in reading through guided reading, the use of question, answer relationships comprehension strategies, literacy circles and elements of the 'Daily 5 café' program. Prep to year 6 students are selected (dependent on need) to participate in intensive reading extension/intervention programs to further enhance their literacy skills.

During their non contact time (NCT) teachers in their cohort team meet with me to plan the implementation of the C2C units and discuss the explicit teaching focus for each subject area and the differentiation and teaching strategies needed to suit the needs of the students in their classes.

Interactive whiteboards are found in all of our classrooms. Our teachers use these with a raft of interactive software and dynamic resources such as those found in the C2C units and on the Learning Place to enhance curriculum delivery and student engagement in lessons.

As global citizens the school has a Sustainable Energy Management plan which includes a range of initiatives that encourages our community to decrease its carbon footprint. These include student, parent and staff participation in active travel, the recycling of paper, computer components, cartridges and reusable library and tuckshop bags. Sustainability education is also a key element of our science teaching.

Students, staff and parents alike enjoy the highly supportive environment our school values as we promote learning and where we exemplify the school's motto "by industry we prosper" as we “ build better minds for a better future.”

Enjoy your time with us.

Lisa Whitlock.

Deputy Principal and Head of Curriculum